January 27, 2015

Why Do Customers Prefer Digital Delivery of Correspondence?

Recently Crawford Technologies, in partnership with AIIM, the global community for information professionals, conducted a market survey into customer communications archiving practices. The survey questioned 226 respondents from North America and Western Europe from a range of sectors including government, banking, insurance, telco/media/utilities and healthcare. The survey provides an insight into the trends affecting customer communication archiving.

Organizations from public companies to government agencies are moving towards a digital communications strategy. The reason for this is simple – digital service are more efficient and many customers prefer to use them instead of traditional channels. And customers now expect services to be available digitally where once they would have relied on slow paper-based transactions and organizations need to find ways of breaking down communication silos within and outside of customer service teams.

Against this background only 32% of organizations provide digital online access to customers with 53% indicating no customer access to digital communications at all. Over 46% indicate over 1,000 customer retrievals per month from customer communication archives. Why are so few companies delivering digital customer communication services when it can not only save them money in print and postage, whilst delivering governance of information for little or no extra cost?

The result - not enough companies are reaping the benefits to be gained from customer communication archiving that they should. Businesses are less efficient because of poor archiving practices and our customer are less satisfied, whilst the opposite is true for those companies who embrace digital delivery.

AIIM’s report is a great place to look at the trends associated with customer correspondence archiving and can be downloaded here.

And look out for our next blog in the “Trends in Customer Communications Archiving” series.

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