CCM Gateway

The CCM Gateway platform is a customer communications archiving and e-presentment solution with standard integration for Alfresco, Nuxeo and Microsoft SharePoint, with the capability to integrate with other CMIS based platforms. CCM Gateway helps streamline the process of migrating, configuring and operating customer communications archives.   With universal print-stream archiving and print stream conversion across industries and business applications, CCM Gateway classifies, transforms, indexes, and efficiently stores high-volume documents of almost any kind. The solution supports a wide range of source document print stream formats including AFP, Xerox Metacode, PCL and PostScript.

  • Migrate archives to more modern and cost-effective platforms
  • Transform, index and load print streams into platforms like Alfresco and SharePoint with compression rates as high as 90%
  • Make documents contained in print streams available to customer service and consumer portals
  • Save money and expand customer communication channels by offering e-Presentment services

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