eDeliveryNow Preferences

Delivering customers communications in their preferred channel is key for CX success.  This can be challenging to maintain as preferences and delivery channels evolve.  eDeliveryNow Preferences is a flexible solution that enables companies to meet their customers’ communication expectations by capturing, recording and maintaining their ongoing preferences for physical and/or e-Delivery; including accessible document delivery.  Distribution preferences are received and stored for all customers and document types.  eDeliveryNow Preferences honors customers electronic preferences and creates digital document content and control files for electronic delivery systems without changes to the existing document creation application.

  • Receives, records, and maintains digital and physical document delivery preferences for each individual consumer and every document type
  • GUI for customer self-service or CSRs to manage preferences in real time
  • Facilitates the ability to go paperless and suppress the traditional print document and costs
  • Multi-channel - electronic, print, mobile, web, and in ADA accessibility formats
  • Easily add new channels as they emerge
  • Manage accessible document preferences

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