Operations Express

A foundational component of the eDeliveryNow and Output Management platforms, the Operations Express solution employs advanced internal automation to leverage fully composed document output streams to efficiently and rapidly normalize, optimize, enhance, and transform source files into mobile-ready, accessible PDF, HTML5 and/or print ready files for distribution via print and digital channels.

Operations Express provides a sophisticated, yet straightforward method for reengineering and manipulating fully composed data streams to work in modern digital applications without having to make expensive and time-consuming changes upstream in customer communications generating applications.

The modular architecture allows the addition of components that provide specific functionality. Supporting most operating environments (MS-Windows, Linux, Unix, and zOS), Operations Express is a robust engine for document manipulation from enhancing already composed documents to enabling print and electronic delivery optimization

  • Add color, logos, graphics, hyperlinks, and more
  • Insert personalized marketing messages
  • Move, edit or replace document elements/objects
  • Remove, add or replace banner pages, cover sheets, barcodes, and finishing marks
  • Redact personal identifiable information to comply with regulations
  • Enhance legacy monochrome documents with full color, logos and graphics
  • Index, combine, split, and batch output for postal optimization as well as delivery to digital channels and repositories
  • Mine valuable data into XML, CSV, and user defined data formats for indexing, analytics, and more
  • Enable piece level tracking through the generation of barcodes, OMR marks, and inserter control files such as Mail Run Data Files (MRDF)

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