Riptide® is a platform component that integrates with content repositories to enable organizations to simultaneously retrieve, convert, bundle and present information from multiple repositories quickly and accurately. This Content Services component is ideal for organizations building case management solutions for invoice bundling, claims presentment, mortgage and loan approval, tax and litigation issues, government Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and challenges that require retrieving, transforming and combining disparate content into a common format for digital delivery, including PDF, accessible PDF and HTML5.

  • Outbound document delivery from the repository
  • Bundle different types of documents for case communications
  • Combining documents from different repositories or locations
  • Enhance output for packet identification and ease of navigation
  • Digital delivery using the best methods for your application

Delivery can be accomplished via any electronic channel -- FTP, email, fax, transmission to a secured BOX instance for access and collaboration, and others – or published on physical media such as DVD or print. RipTide® integration with Box enables packaging of cross-application document packets to be securely delivered for output and collaboration.

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