Riptide® Server

Retrieve, Transform and Bundle Content with Ease

Riptide® gives businesses a highly configurable and sophisticated content and document consolidation and distribution engine. It retrieves content from enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and content services platforms (CSP), converts the content into a required format and manages the output.

Riptide® content transformations are done through high-volume batch processing at scale. Output of content can be personalized for recipients.  Content is distributed to selected channels and in preferred digital and print formats.

Riptide® is ideal for organizations needing to bundle content from legacy systems and modern applications for today’s customer communication channels

  • Case Management
  • Audits
  • Claims Processing
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Site Inspections
  • Requests for Information (FOIA, GDPR, CCPA)
  • Loan Origination
  • Transportation documents
  • Digital Forms for Logistics
  • Content Transformation
  • Document Bundling and Distribution
  • Personalized Communication

Riptide® solves the business challenge to retrieve, transform and combine disparate content into a common format for digital delivery, including PDF, PDF/A for long term archiving, and PDF/UA and accessible HTML for WCAG-compliant content accessibility.

Output can be directed to local or network attached printers, enterprise print queues for batch print and mail systems as well as a variety of electronic distribution solutions.  Electronic methods include email attachment, FTP and HTTP transmission, invited pull through SMS notification, ingestion into a new CSP and delivery to an EFSS or BOX folder for collaboration.

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