June 29, 2015

Why Case Management Solutions Must Include Sharing and Output Technology

There are many stages during the lifecycle of a Case that require the ability to share content with external users. I’ve been involved recently with a large insurance organization’s installation of Case Management and output technology to assist with insurance fraud.

A case is created based on the results obtained from analytic routines that scour documents and data. For example, if the same name appears on several claims filed in a certain geographic area, this sets off events that start an investigation. During the investigation documents and reports are shared internally and externally within the organization. The sharing may involve users that do not have or need access to the Case Management system. The documents sent to these individuals, via secure email, are combined into a packet with a manifest explaining the contents.

At the same time, automated letters can be generated targeting only those needed for additional information gathering. These letters are created from Case data, conditional statements and approved letter templates. Once it has been determined that fraud is happening, the Case moves into its final stage. At this point, a summation of the Case along with supporting documents is delivered to counsel inside and outside of the organization. Once a ruling has been made, case documents are moved to archives within the system. The whole process involves many touch points for output from the delivery of packets to the final distribution of documents for archiving. Output is an inherent part of the process.

As the world quickly adopts Case Management solutions, the ROI is becoming increasingly evident. The amount of insight that can be gained to help drive business improvements, the development of customer correspondence or the prevention of fraud are considerations that today’s agile corporations cannot ignore. Adopters of Case Management technology should ensure that their strategies include solutions for output management and the ability to share content within your Case Management solution.

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