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Automate the output and distribution of time-sensitive customer communications.

Optimize output for print and digital documents

Making the switch to digital communications can be time consuming and costly, requiring valuable resources and specialized expertise. Regulations require that specific documents be output, delivered and maintained in print format, so many government and educational organizations need to continue to use and produce high-volumes of paper documents. Government and Education institutions are tasked with distributing time-sensitive and personal communications such as tax bills, tuition statements and account notices. Crawford Technologies partners with these organizations to provide solutions that help streamline document processes, save time and money, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Optimize your output and simplify your distribution process.

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Reach more customers and be in compliance with accessible documents.

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Take advantage of existing technology and expand customer communications.

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Automate output and delivery while ensuring regulatory compliance and document integrity.

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Accessible Student Loans

A state student loan agency needed to be in compliance with Department or Education regulations to make all communications, such as forms and other documents, accessible to blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled clients. CrawfordTech’s powerful accessibility solutions were used to automate the conversion thousands of documents to Accessible PDF for online epresentment, allowing individuals who utilize assistive technologies such as JAWs, screen readers, refreshable braille displays, and computers with accessibility features to receive and consume vital communications.



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