Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Enable efficiencies in archiving, case management, data analytics, and output.

Simplify customer communications management

Insurance firms must deal with a tidal wave of customer information in a wide range of formats, while adhering to increasingly strict regulatory demands, within a highly competitive landscape.  Our solutions help to simplify the storage, management and secure delivery of invoices, statements, benefits explanations, and other critical customer communications.

With Crawford Technologies, you can be in compliance with Document Accessibility regulations governing the creation of documents for blind, partially-sighted, and cognitively disabled individuals. We provide scalable and customizable solutions that enables efficiencies in archiving, case management, data analytics, and output in print and digital formats. We help you to reduce the overall cost of managing enterprise content within a comprehensive eco-system.

What People Are Saying

Customers in the insurance market talk about how Crawford Technologies’ solutions have helped them save money and be more efficient in managing their customer communications.

"The solution was extremely well received by the broker community. Plus, CrawfordTech did not require a major re-architecting of our current print processes. The solution offered a lot of flexibility in how it could be implemented and this allowed us to work within our existing print framework and use our existing ECM software for the storage of the documents."
A Fortune 500 insurance company

"In the end we went with CrawfordTech and we are very pleased with our decision. Their PRO AFP to PDF/A solution has a smart design that is simple and easy use."
A medium-sized insurance company

"A member of the project team had previous experience with CrawfordTech products and thought very highly of them. He felt that CrawfordTech was the industry leader in processing Metacode, which is our native print format."
An insurance company

The Economical Insurance Group Improves Service and Saves Money

Image for The Economical Insurance Group Improves Service and Saves Money

A geographically distributed insurance company wanted to improve customer service and reduce their use of paper to save money and be more environmentally friendly. Their strategy was to implement a secure online self-service repository for brokers to selectively view electronic documents. CrawfordTech’s Riptide solution allows them to continue storing documents in their ECM repository and automatically convert them to PDF for online viewing and archiving, reducing their costs while giving their brokers real-time access to important information.