Solutions for the Print Service Provider Industry

Automate and expand output to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Powerful Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

In the “Age of the Customer”, organizations of all types are under constant pressure to anticipate the needs of their customers and respond to them immediately and flawlessly.  In order to meet these unprecedented levels of customer expectations, many enterprises rely on print service providers to manage and fulfill their customer-facing, mission critical communications via all channels. Crawford Technologies is a proven partner to hundreds of print service providers worldwide, providing reliable, high-performance omnichannel output, archive, ECM, and accessibility solutions that allow them to delight their customers, improve efficiency, reduce costs and meet their SLAs.

Whether the challenge is to provide accessible content, transform formatted print streams, re-engineer document workflows to leverage new technologies, or to enable complete visibility, command and control over end-to-end processes, print service providers trust CrawfordTech solutions and services to deliver.


What People Are Saying

Our customers that provide print and mailing services talk about how Crawford Technologies' solutions have helped them automate their workflows, offer their customers more, and increase their profits.

"In running a high level benefit analysis, the usage of Operations Express saved us $250,000 in manpower expense and decreased our boarding time by 6 months for this conversion. In short, the product paid for itself almost immediately."
A large print and mailing services provider

"Now with CrawfordTech, we can take any print stream, run it up to our archiving system for online viewing where our customers can review or electronically pull documents. Then once released for production, we print those documents on whatever machine we want"
A European print service provider

"CrawfordTech has allowed us to get involved with more business than we would have been able to before. It has definitely expanded our horizons."
A print service provider

A Large Print Service Provider Optimizes PDF Files

Image for A Large Print Service Provider Optimizes PDF Files

As most print service providers know, not all PDF files are created equal. Despite being based on an ISO standard, many “print ready” PDF files are poorly formed, and can take too long to process, hurting profitability and risking customer SLA’s. This customer used CrawfordTech technology to normalize and optimize their incoming PDF files, integrated with their existing system to create an automated end-to-end workflow. The result was a remarkable 2000% increase in throughput.