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Developing and deploying innovative, compelling customer communications solutions that anticipate the ever-evolving expectations of customers in the ultra-competitive worlds of Telecommunications, Utilities, and Media is the standard, not the exception. As a trusted technology partner, Crawford Technologies has helped leaders in these industries to build tailored solutions that optimize the creation, storage, management and secure delivery of personalized accessible communications to customers who demand immediate access to their information – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Crawfordtech’s software and industry-specific know-how enables you to bridge the gaps between your legacy automated document generation operations, content management systems and omnichannel distribution solutions.

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Image for British Gas Implements Centralized Document Management

British Gas Implements Centralized Document Management

This large energy supplier manages and delivers well over 3 million documents each year, providing support to over 15 million customers. They turned to CrawfordTech to help them reduce costs through digital delivery and a secure online portal, while improving customer service, and simplifying regulatory compliance. A tightly integrated, consolidated and centralized archiving solution allows customers to receive communications in the format they prefer, and gives customer service personnel instant access to relevant information.



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Our telco, media and utilities customers have saved costs, streamlined processes, and delivered customer communications in a range of print, digital and, accessible formats.

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For over 20 years Crawford Technologies has been serving customers in the Telco, Media and Utility industries. We have developed a suite of solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of providers of cable, mobile, internet, gas, electricity, satellite, landline and more.

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