CrawfordTech QA Suite

Automated Quality Assurance Testing

Organizations are increasingly challenged in achieving automated document quality assurance testing – and for good reason. The QA of transactional documents is particularly complex, with demanding resource requirements and multiple interdependencies. The consequences of sub-standard testing can be significant!

At Crawford Technologies, we understand the importance of effective testing, and have created a suite of powerful and scalable tools to help you automate your document QA workflows.

CrawfordTech QA Suite

CrawfordTech QA Suite is built on the sophisticated system that we use for our own regression testing so is purpose built for document QA. By taking advantage of our QA workflow solutions you can ensure that regression testing and other test runs happen regularly, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

QA process diagram


Product Spotlight

Enhance PRO QA with these Additions

Review and Release

Save money and reduce errors with easy to use review, hold, and release of inaccurate or unwanted documents within print files. With our easy to use interface, production staff can quickly and visually select pages that need to be extracted or removed from print files so only those communications ready for production are sent to press. Reducing waste and risk of sending incorrect documents.

QA in the Cloud

Automate your document testing and manage continuous regression testing with on-premises or Cloud licensing options. With the ability to set up an unlimited amount of test cases for any application you might produce, operations can automatically ensure that every document that leaves their environment is accurate.