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Pro Conductor

Command and
Control Dashboard

PRO Conductor provides customers with a configurable and easy-to-use web-based workflow management system that supports every step of their Customer Communications Management environment, from document composition through delivery, no matter the channel. With PRO Conductor customers can automatically monitor, automate, and manage all of their output processes, viewing real-time status and SLA information at any step in the workflow.

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  • Accountability
    Customizable metrics provide quick and consolidated views into specific key performance indicators such as operational processes, omni-channel distribution, service level performance, sales and financial performance and more. The data held within the system can be easily customized and scheduled to provide the reporting you need to run your business.
  • Command
    Setting up your workflows couldn’t be easier with an attractive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to design and define automated workflows based on the equipment, software and processes that are unique to your production environment.
  • Control
    With total control over all aspects of your workflows, you can benefit from the efficiencies gained from automating your production processes, while allowing operators to view, approve, hold or reject an entire job or specific records within a job.

Extend and augment production capabilities, including:

  • Adding dynamic messaging
  • Whitespace management
  • ePresentment
  • Archiving
  • ECM integration
  • Proof and approve
  • Document security management

PRO Conductor Benefits

  • Visibility
    Available 24/7/365, the dashboard gives you a real-time web view of your production workflows, allowing you to know what’s going on and pro-actively address any issues that might arise. A view of each job within your operation is automatically logged and updated, with detailed information on who it came from, where it is in the workflow, when it’s due, and other critical data points. This visibility can also be extended to your clients by providing them with secure access to a dashboard that shows their own workloads.
Alcheme Dashboard Summary
Alchem-e production dashboard

Automate and manage all workflow processes, including:

  • Process automation
  • User based dashboard access
  • Automated reprints
  • Job and piece level tracking
  • Postal usage/escrow
  • Service level agreement management
  • Preference management
  • Custom real-time and scheduled reporting
Alcheme Dashboard Devices

Powerful Dashboard Offers Many Capabilities

PRO Conductor components are available as integrated modules with CrawfordTech’s solutions and can be hosted in the cloud or on premises. Integrations and connections, based on fully customizable web services, support integration with third party products and services, and include out-of-the box integrations with well-known industry solutions for finishing, multi-channel output, payment, shipping, print production equipment, reporting, and CRM.


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