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Crawford Technologies webinars are intended to bring educational and relevant content to our current and future customers. Each webinar is carefully crafted to address questions our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) know are important. Our topics focus on business problems our solutions can solve in the Output Management, Content Services and Document Accessibility industries. Whether you are interested in any print file to any print file conversion, ADF and automated workflows, archive strategies, content management,  or accessible documents our team has the information you need.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of scheduled webinars and recordings of previously held webinars. We invite you to click on the webinar title to find out more details, key takeaways and to register.

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A challenge for many organizations is they may only need document re-engineering for a portion of their workload. Perhaps only a few of their repetitive monthly jobs needs manipulation or a new job requires data extraction, control marks, or document enhancement. On-premises software systems purchased for occasional document re-engineering is not cost-effective. It's been an expensive, capital-intensive proposition … until now. Join Harvey Gross and Adam Armstrong as they explain CrawfordTech’s revolutionary new cloud-based document reengineering software as a service [...]
In this webinar, we’ll discuss the testing tools and processes required to create documents that are both compliant and usable. We will focus on the challenges that can arise during QA and provide recommendations on how to resolve them. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the following aspects of Accessible PDF testing: • The importance of properly structured input files; • The benefits and drawbacks of automated checkers; and • The role of assistive technology in document accessibility testing.
Who is responsible for ensuring a website and its digital content are accessible? Judging from a recent survey, clients seem to think that digital agencies should be, so how can your agency stay ahead of the curve? Join Doug Koppenhofer from Crawford Technologies, Mark Miller from TPGi and Rick Fuller & Steven Tate from BlindSpot to hear about how you can live up to client expectations when it comes to creating accessible digital content like websites and PDFs. You’ll learn [...]
The U.S. Postal Service announced plans to lower service and increase pricing in it’s latest 10 year plan. Most immediately, U.S. Postal Service has proposed a second 2021 postage rate increase for mailing services (letters, postcards) to be implemented in August. The heaviest impact is on multiple ounce 1st class letters seeing an almost 15% increase. By decreasing air delivery, there will also be an increase by up to two extra days (5 total) for delivery of 1st class mail. For those [...]
With 15% of the population living with a functional disability, 1 in 3 adults over 65 having a visual impairment and national laws under the European Accessibility Act due to be published by June next year, it is time for Financial Services companies to become more inclusive and accessible. But how do you deliver inclusive and accessible banking and insurance services? And when is the right time to make the required changes? Join OD Solutions, CrawfordTech, ING Bank, the Ministry [...]
In this upcoming webinar, we will discuss the following: • Why PDF files are vital digital assets that must be accessible to people of all abilities • How to employ automated testing that can assess the compliance of hundreds of files instantly • What are the key PDF accessibility checkpoints and what they mean • How to embed PDF accessibility testing directly into your continuous integration framework • How to generate accessibility reports that show your progress over time
Join Adam Armstrong, Product Management, and Jay Robinson, Workflow Automation & ADF Practice lead, for a review of the challenges that many production departments faced when COVID hit in 2020 and how many of them adapted and utilized Technology to thrive during a pandemic. They will deliver a guideline to success in 2021 and review tips and trends with an in-depth look at the new technology that is helping organizations stay relevant while delivering highly personalized communication in 2021.
As customer expectations continue to evolve into a fully omni-channel customer experience, it’s important to consider those with accessibility needs. Document Accessibility has become an important step in the workflow through litigation changes but the importance of customer experience might take it one step further. Findings from the 2018 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data release established that an estimated 32.2 million adult Americans (or about 13% of all adult Americans) reported they either "have trouble" seeing, even when wearing [...]
Document accessibility is made easy by automating the remediation and validation process while being able to track and report on the status of an accessibility workflow.
Madison Advisors recently presented on what makes an effective post composition solution and the trends in the market for enterprise and service providers. Customer Experience continues to be one of those growing topics of interest as business units adapt to include a fully remote yet personalized experience to match a post-COVID world. Want to know the secret? It's contextual data. Join Crawford Technologies as we review how contextual data can be used to improve your customer experience across the board. [...]
Join Dennis Quon, Director of Accessibility Solutions and Ligia Mora, Senior Product Manager for a lively discussion around what the current problem is with remediating Word documents, an in-depth look at AccessibilityNow® WeCo and then conclude with a face-off between traditional Microsoft Word remediation and AccessibilityNow® WeCo.
Have you missed the AODA website and website content deadline? As of January 1st, 2021, for government and commercial organizations, with more than 50 employees, your websites which include documents, videos, and images must be made accessible in the Province of Ontario. What do I need to do to ensure fines can be avoided? If you have PDF documents, videos, and web content, it’s time to ensure you met your inclusive obligations.
Crawford Technologies is co-hosting a webinar with WeCo, featuring the Israeli Tax Authority who will discuss the successes they have had using the WeCo solution.
The pandemic has forced Print Service Providers to change and adapt. Print volumes have dropped drastically and replacing the revenue can put businesses in a difficult position. Join Scott Baker, Lynda Hansen, and Gordon Rae from Crawford Technologies as we discuss how to succeed in the ‘new normal’ and review some new opportunities to drive revenue for your business.
During this time of limited personal contact, it is even more important for people to have access to their content electronically and in accessible formats. The pandemic does not negate the legislative requirements of providing accessible statements, bills, EOB’s, and other customer communications to individuals who need them. Join Dennis Quon, EDP and Jen Goulden, EDP on October 29th 1pm ET for an educational webinar on how to ensure your organization is providing the documents your customers need in the [...]
Join Harvey Gross, CrawfordTech VP Product Management and Lynda Hansen, CrawfordTech Product Management for a discussion about how TurboFlow can help you accelerate printstream manipulation and streamline your workflow to achieve new levels of operational performance and flexibility. Key takeaways include: • How your team can leverage TurboFlow to streamline your postal and production optimization efforts as well as simplifying communication delivery preferences to support your CX initiatives. • Learn how an EU Print Service Provider implemented TurboFlow and reduced [...]
With Annual Enrollment around the corner, health insurance and health patient information must be inclusive and accessible. For those that have a visual disability like blindness, low vision or a cognitive disability, digital and physical communications including documents, websites and apps must be accessible. Where are you on your journey to make your digital and physical communications compliant? With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, this has become even more paramount. Organizations need to able to provide critical information via an [...]
To remain competitive and profitable, print and mail organizations are continually challenged to optimize productivity and reduce costs while managing a broad spectrum of print applications. With the increased use of PDFs for the print and electronic delivery of customer communications, organizations are having to manage and process complex transactional PDFs, including those that might be less than ideal. Increasingly, this results in extended processing times, poor print quality, workflow delays, and missed SLAs. Organizations need purpose-built, flexible solutions that [...]
In this 3-webinar series CrawfordTech will walk you through everything you need to consider in order to implement a successful document accessibility plan. We will conclude this webinar series with some common considerations, frequently asked questions and tips and techniques, we’re sure you’ll leave with the knowledge you require to make your documents compliant and accessible to everyone.
In this 3-webinar series, CrawfordTech will walk you through everything you need to consider in order to implement a successful document accessibility plan. To continue the conversation around how to implement a successful document accessibility strategy. We will take a closer look at accessible formats, document types and assistive technology and help you to assess, plan, design, and implement a document accessibility strategy throughout your organisation.
In this 3-webinar series CrawfordTech will walk you through everything you need to consider in order to implement a successful document accessibility plan. We’ll begin by helping you understand the basic principles of accessibility and provide a walk through of the guidelines and legislation, including the new EU Web Accessibility Directive.
Remediation tools that generate static documents such as brochures, manuals, books, etc. can be both costly and difficult to use. Many of these products are not user friendly, take too long to implement, and cost thousands of dollars. However, this does not have to be the case. You need a tool that will make it easy to remediate your documents as well as scale up as volumes increase, without a huge price tag. Join us for a presentation on our [...]
Businesses that create an exceptional customer experience (CX) can gain an advantage over their competitors. They recognize that communications are critical to establishing and maintaining customer relationships and that personalizing the delivery of customer communications is essential to the success of their CX strategy. Taking communications that were originally designed and formatted for physical delivery and converting them into a format suitable for electronic presentment can be challenging. CrawfordTech’s eDeliveryNow platform provides a modular approach for the digital delivery of [...]
Does your organization have applications that create customer communications documents like statements, invoices, contracts, customer letters, EOBs, and more in AFP, Xerox Metacode (LCDS, DJDE), PCL, Postscript or other printer formats? Are you using an expensive legacy ‘COLD’ or ECM solution to store and access them? Join Crawford Technologies and Microsoft on this webinar to hear how we’ve teamed up to allow organizations to modernize the storage and usage of these important documents and the valuable information they contain with [...]
Job Onboarding. These two words typically induce groans and frustrated grimaces amongst print service providers and in-plant print operations. Even with all the workflow automation solutions available to streamline processes and reduce manual intervention, according to recent industry research job onboarding remains one of the top workflow bottlenecks that impacts time-to-revenue, profitability and your opportunities to win new clients and contracts. In this session, Harvey Gross and Lynda Hansen of Crawford Technologies will discuss strategies and automated tools that can [...]
Doing the right thing and avoiding litigation, it is more and more important than ever to understand why you should provide accessible documents to your blind, partially-sighted, and cognitively disabled customers.  What are the best practices and how can I easily meet my obligations.   Join CrawfordTech experts Dennis Quon and Aimee Ubbink for this educational webinar on Document Accessibility. They’ll take a look at what’s involved in implementing document accessibility, including a review of formats, tools available to automate the [...]
This Webinar will discuss Best Practices for Document Life Cycle in and the Primary workflow steps required to: - Insure document integrity throughout the Print and Insertion process - Maximize Postal Discounts --Mine data from documents that will be used to interface with Postal Optimization Software --Interface with Postal Optimization Software to execute CASS, PAVE, Direct Presentment, and then receive Mail Piece status information from the USPS
Accessibility regulations are constantly changing, becoming stricter and being enforced now more than ever. If you are not compliant, you are leaving your organization exposed to lawsuits and costly consequences. Meeting Accessibility requirements does not have to be costly or time consuming, but it does need to be addressed. Dealing with the accessibility of high-volume transactional documents, static documents of all types, or both, can be confusing and overwhelming, not to mention worrisome as the alternative can lead to legal [...]
All PDF files are created equal. One of the world’s greatest lies! Why do people have such problems with files that match a portable document format specification? What causes these issues, and most importantly how can you optimize these PDF files for your purposes, whether it be for print performance, processing speed, file size, ePresentment, print quality, accessibility or other purposes? This webinar will explore these challenges and link these causes with solutions. If you have ever had a PDF [...]
Customer experience continues to be a strategic priority as businesses understand that it is critical for maintaining customer loyalty and continued growth. When a customer receives a marketing or transactional communication through multiple delivery channels, they expect a personalized communication, constructed in a format that is appropriate to the channel and device being used. Faced with having to transition countless, complex communications to modern digital communication methods, enterprises and print service providers have found the implementation cost, resource requirements and [...]
Join Harvey Gross, Vice President – Products and Dennis Quon, Director - Document Accessibility Solutions for a discussion on providing accessible documents from IBM CMOD. Subjects covered will be; Changing accessibility standards – today WCAG 2.0 AA, tomorrow WCAG 2.1 Upcoming and current Web presentment laws in regions like Europe and Canada require remediation of archived documents For the USA, the majority of recent judgements have ruled in favor accessible web sites and accessible documents. Ad hoc – on-demand presentment [...]
More and more lawsuits, demand letters and awareness are pushing municipalities and businesses to make their websites and documents on their websites meet accessibility regulations.  In certain states, like Florida, there has been an onslaught of lawsuits.  In Ontario, Canada, you must be ready by midnight 2020 to have your websites accessible.  Join Dennis Quon to discuss what you need to do and why you need to planning, implementing and testing now.  We’ll discuss regulations, what is driving demand and [...]
Is your print production driven by written procedures in a number of manuals that are update only when convenient? Do specific individuals need to be in the shop to make sure that a special customer’s job is run correctly? Do you struggle to ensure that Service Level Agreements (SLA) are met without penalty? Is job scheduling a challenge because the files you receive are a mis-match with the printers you have on the shop floor? See how Consolidated workflow solves [...]
Matt Hempel from Agilitech, Mark Tepper, Aimee Ubbink (EDP) and Jen Goulden (EDP) from Crawford Technologies will cover the challenges related to complex tables, issues to consider in the design phase and when tagging and testing your documents. This will be the first in a series of webinar workshops on the complexities of making documents accessible.
Standardizing the different document formats that come in from clients is one of the best ways for Print Service Providers to take control of their productivity, operating expenses, material costs and quality control. In this webinar we examine the benefits of post composition document re-engineering software. From combining or splitting jobs to adding color or transpromotional messages, as well as creating a Mail Run Data File (MRDF) to ensure downstream compliance, this webinar looks at the areas where service providers [...]
Is Document Accessibility on your radar? Have your clients asked you or perhaps sought a quick solution for making their transaction and published content accessible? Join us on January 24, 2019 to hear about both automated solutions and manual solutions to help you meet your client requirements. We’ll discuss why recently, document accessibility is top of mind - We’ll discuss some of regulations - What are the standards and why physical accommodations can be part of your service offering  - [...]
It’s widely known that providing content such as syllabuses, test documents and course packets in accessible formats is essential for students with print disabilities. But how can the process of creating and delivering accessible documents be simplified within the often complex world of education? We are pleased to offer this webinar geared specifically to the education sector. On December 13 at 11:00am ET, we’ll provide an overview of what needs to be considered when creating accessible documents. Our experts will [...]
Accessing customer information such as bills, statements and policy information from legacy archives can be inefficient and expensive. However, by moving customer communications archives to modern web enabled platforms, organizations can take full advantage of e-presentment tools, improve customer service, and greatly reduce their overall costs. But what are the best practices for a successful archive migration? In this webinar we will take a step by step look at everything you should consider. From the initial scoping of a migration [...]
We recently took a look at CrawfordTech’s PRO Designer and showed how it gives you a graphical interface to tag documents for accessibility. Our focus was on how you can take advantage of tools and technology from Crawford Technologies and other vendors to automate the process of making documents accessible. However, many documents need to be tagged using a manual process. Manual remediation is ideal for static documents such as brochures and annual reports. These documents might be extremely complex or [...]
The Work Behind the Workflow – Why Integrations are the Key to Success There’s no question that having an automated workflow is a critical driver of business success. Not only will it maximize efficiency, reduce errors and increase throughput, but streamlining production will directly impact your bottom line – increasing profits while allowing you to expand your business. But how do you connect all the pieces? You’re not starting with a clean slate, and undoubtedly already have equipment and systems [...]
CrawfordTech’s PRO Designer provides an easy to use graphical interface to configure transform and reengineering applications, and to tag documents for accessibility. Join Aimée Ubbink, CrawfordTech Document Accessibility Specialist, and Jen Goulden, Project & Quality Manager, to learn more about how PRO Designer can be used to properly tag and define the reading order to make even the most complex documents compliant and readable. The session will include a review of what you should consider when creating accessible documents, a [...]
According to Warren Buffett, “Cybersecurity is the number one problem with mankind”. Hackers, ransomware, data breaches, identity fraud, OAuth token attacks, phishing, malicious email payloads, Bot armies, Spectre, Meltdown – the list goes on and on. Given all of these threats, 9 out of 10 organizations will be hacked this year. You need to protect the confidential information you are entrusted with. Ensuring security is vital to protect that information, comply with global regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and [...]
In recent webinars we’ve focused on Accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5. They’re great formats for e-delivery, but what about braille, large print, eText and audio? These physical formats remain popular and are requested by many blind, partially sighted and cognitively disabled individuals. In this webinar, Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden will take a look at these alternate formats and discuss why they’re preferred by many people. We’ll discuss how they can be offered on their own or in conjunction with [...]
CrawfordTech DTE (Digital Transform Engine) 4.7, the software that is the basis for our solutions for print stream transforms, document reengineering, accessible documents, and more is being released.  All customers and partners are invited to join us for an informative webinar to learn more about some of the great new features and enhancements in this release.
A Closer Look at How to Automate Tagging for Accessibility. We recently announced the release of www.accessibilitynow.com, an e-commerce site that leverages Auto Tagger for Accessibility to automate the creation of Accessible PDF files. Join us for a webinar that will take a closer look at how you can take advantage of these tools to save time and money. We’ll touch on the benefits of automation, and discuss the results you can expect from different types of customer communications. Our [...]
We all know how important it is to deliver accessible documents to your blind and partially-sighted clients. However, the biggest roadblock to creating and delivering accessible documents is the time and skill traditionally required to tag a document for accessibility. It can literally take days, or even weeks, to add the proper tags to create an Accessible PDF file – a process that is costly and makes it difficult to deliver timely communications. Join CrawfordTech for a webinar on how [...]
It’s widely accepted that streamlining your workflows will increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and provide opportunities to expand your business. But implementing an automated workflow takes time and money. Can the investment be justified? The answer is yes! Join Pat McGrew, Director, Keypoint Intelligence, InfoTrends Production Workflow Service and Scott Baker, EVP, Crawford Technologies, for an informative discussion on how automating your workflows will lead to increased profitability. We’ll take a look at the state of workflow in North America and [...]
With CrawfordTech solutions for print stream transformation and reengineering, you can take advantage of PRO Designer – a graphical user interface that allows you to configure your files and test your output. Join us for a webinar of what PRO Designer does, what the main features are, how it can be used. Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Pieruccini will review capabilities, including the new features added in the last several releases, and will demonstrate how a document can be tagged in PRO [...]
Nobody wants to deal with errors in production. They are embarrassing, inefficient and expensive. An automated workflow will reduce manual processes, but you still need quality assurance, and if not done effectively, you will still deal with mistakes. So how can you best make sure what you’re outputting and delivering is 100% correct? Implementing an automated testing process that is tightly integrated with your production workflow can reduce or even eliminate errors. There are many factors to consider and interdependencies [...]
Are you familiar with the basics of document accessibility but wondering about next steps? Maybe you are aware of your organization's legislative obligations but aren't sure how to move forward with implementation. Wherever you are on your accessibility journey, you probably know that there are numerous decisions to make, and many factors in terms of documents, resources and formats to consider. Join Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden for a webinar on Thursday, February 15th at 1:00 PM ET. We'll take [...]
There’s no question that having an automated production workflow is important. Streamlining workflows will maximize efficiency, reduce errors, increase throughput, and provide opportunities to expand your business. CrawfordTech is launching a series of webinars on Workflow Essentials. In our first session, we’ll take a look at integrations – why they’re important, what to consider, and what methods are available for connecting the various equipment and systems that virtually all print and mailing providers have. Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Pieruccini and EVP [...]
Last January the US Access Board released the final rules for the Section 508 NPRM, known as the Section 508 Refresh. In adding digital formats to the definition of accessible documents, the ruling expanded and clarified the obligations that organizations face, and gave companies one year for implementation. It’s now been one year, so have you put an accessible document plan in place? Join CrawfordTech on January 17th to learn more about the Section 508 refresh and other accessibility legislation. [...]
For CrawfordTech Customers and Partners Only - CrawfordTech is in the process of releasing DTE (Digital Transform Engine) 4.6 – the latest version of the underlying software that forms the basis of our award winning solutions for print stream transforms, document reengineering, accessible documents, and much more. All customers and partners are invited to join us for an informative webinar to learn more about some of the great new features and enhancements in this release. Join Product Marketing Manager Stephanie [...]
It’s more important than ever to understand why you should provide accessible documents to your blind, partially-sighted, and cognitively disabled customers. Join CrawfordTech experts Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden for the first webinar of a new series on Document Accessibility. They’ll take a look at what’s involved in implementing document accessibility, including a review of formats, tools available to automate the process, and the importance of testing. We’ll conclude with a real-life story of how a customer successfully developed an [...]
Digitizing and archiving enterprise communications has become increasingly complex as organizations face a virtual explosion in the sheer volume of information they need to manage within a framework of demanding customer expectations and stringent industry-specific regulations. CrawfordTech has simplified this challenge with CCM Gateway, an e-presentment and archiving solution integrated with the Alfresco ECM platform. Join us for an informative webinar on how you can improve the digital flow for your customer communications and take advantage of the security and [...]
Although regulatory compliance and customer requirements drive an organization’s journey to accessibility, many other internal and external factors need to be considered. Which groups and departments should be involved in this process? What sort of documents will need to be dealt with, and how should they be prioritized? Which formats will need to be supported? Join Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden on September 21 for a lively discussion on what organizations should consider as they look at developing and implementing [...]
Join Crawford Technologies to take learn more about why you want to automate your workflow, what the benefits are, and why you should consider workflow visibility as a critical factor in ensuring success for your operations staff and your customers.
Unlike print documents, accessible communications can be in a number of different formats. Braille, large print, eText, audio, Accessible PDF, Accessible HTML5. The list goes on. Your blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled customers will each prefer a specific format, and to be in compliance you need to honor accommodation requests. In this webinar, Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden will take a closer look at each one of these formats, touch on which are most commonly used, and discuss what’s [...]
How can you be sure that the accessible documents you provide to internal and external clients meet the required industry and legislative standards? ‘Testing Accessible Documents’ will cover the following key areas: How to ensure the optimal standard of quality control when producing and testing formats such as braille, large print, eText, Audio, Voiceye, Accessible PDF and Accessible HTML5, and how different QA procedures are required for different document formats. We will answer some of the following questions: --If I [...]
You undoubtedly know that it’s important that the accessible documents you create meet required industry and legislative standards. You also understand that different clients require different formats, and that you need to provide the specific format they request. So how can you assess the many different customer communications you send out, and determine the most automated and efficient way to create and deliver the formats your customers need for each communication type? In this informative webinar, we’ll take a look [...]
One of the challenges faced by businesses in all markets today is how to deliver communications in the formats their customers prefer. Consumers have increasingly demanding expectations – some want email or a secure website, others prefer that a document be printed and mailed, and others might request an SMS text message. Join Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Pieruccini and EVP Scott Baker on Wednesday, June 21 at 1:00 PM EDT to learn more about the opportunities and pitfalls companies face [...]
CrawfordTech’s PRO Designer family of Graphical User Interface (GUI) products provide an easy to use interface to configure document transforms and reengineering applications. In this informative webinar, Aimée Ubbink, CrawfordTech Document Accessibility Specialist, will join Dennis Quon and Jen Goulden to show how PRO Designer for Accessible PDF is used to create WCAG 2.0 (PDF and Accessible HTML) and PDF/UA accessible documents using a one-step set up to make highly variable and complex transaction documents into accessible PDF or accessible [...]
Business information is growing exponentially, with experts predicting that many enterprise archives will soon be measured in zettabytes – or one billion terabytes - of largely unstructured data. The volume and complexity of information has made the process of storing, managing, and delivering communications more of a challenge than ever. Added to this are customer and internal expectations for specific formats, delivered quickly and securely, in compliance with increasingly strict regulations. Join us to learn how you can ensure that [...]
Join us as we discuss our experiences in implementing accessible documents. As there are so many regulations, personal and confidential documents need to be made accessible so organizations meet their compliance and anti-discriminatory responsibilities. Transaction based accessible documents for the blind, partially sighted and those with cognitive disabilities are a must but what are the best ways to implement? What documents are key? Can I get away with only certain accommodations? Do I need to consider my archive and static [...]
We'll discuss current and upcoming legislation and how to take your print description language (PDL) and transform them into an accessible format in your print workflow. We will further discuss how your documents can be converted into Accessible PDF, meet PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 standards for multi-channel distribution, what are the key alternate formats and how to deal with archived based documents to meet the accessible requirements.
You know how vital an automated workflow is in streamlining processes and improving your bottom line. The reality is that achieving true “automation” relies on many factors, and almost always involves connecting to hardware and software systems that are already in place. Even with a successful implementation, production workflows need constant monitoring, with the ability to immediately respond to peaks in demand, problems, and other common conditions. CrawfordTech’s recently announced partnership with Racami brings together powerful and flexible solutions from [...]
In 2016, US ADA Title III lawsuits increased by 37%. Being in compliance with global regulations governing document accessibility is more important than ever, particularly with evolving legislation and increased enforcement of existing guidelines. Join Crawford Technologies for a thorough review of document accessibility. In this webinar, we’ll provide details on the recently announced Section 508 refresh, and explain what the implications are for organizations in all markets.
The final rule for the Section 508 Refresh (also known as the Section 508 NPRM) has been completed earlier this month, January 2017 and will be made effective 60 days from January 9th, 2017. If you do business with the U.S. Federal Government, are an agency, if the government procures from you, or if you are government funded or have a government contract, a number of critical items must be made accessible, including your documents.
Though communicating on paper is extremely effective, sending documents through the mail will always be more expensive than emails, texts, or tweets. That is a problem for many organizations. To compete with those other channels, mailers must change the focus of customer conversations from the cost of mail to its value. The US Postal Service can help. Financial incentives and other recent changes allow you to lower your postage cost and simultaneously produce more compelling material. Although the latest rate [...]
Electronic archives hold a wealth of digital content. Billions to millions of documents are stored. Transaction documents and system generated correspondence are stored and managed for eDelivery and reprinting. What happens when documents need to be made accessible for those who are blind and partially sighted? Is there a solution that can be cost effective while managing storage costs? We will discuss some of the laws and components that are required to make documents accessible. Optimized workflows for storing and [...]
The modern CCM is not just for storage and compliance with retention regulations! It allows you to automatically transform content into specific formats requested by your customers, deliver accessible documents for the growing population of individuals who are blind or partially-sighted, and extract valuable information as data for use in high-volume, high-performance analytics. Join us to learn how you can activate the documents within your CCM archive to expand customer services, ensure regulatory compliance and support multi-channel distribution and delivery.
Many organizations ask, “What is the best way to create high volume, Accessible PDFs of my invoices, statements and other documents that will allow our organization to be compliant with accessibility laws and regulations?” Is it better to remediate using a composition tool or is it better to remediate post composition using a transform solution.
Accessing customer information such as bills, statements and policy information from legacy archives can be inefficient and expensive. However, by moving customer communications archives to modern web enabled platforms, organizations can take full advantage of e-presentment tools, improve customer service, and greatly reduce their overall costs.
There are many pieces to the puzzle when considering investing in an inkjet press. We all know that it’s important to consider your operations, your staff, and your customers, so that you’re prepared for your new press. But what about your workflow? How can you implement an automated inkjet-centric workflow that will ensure a smooth transition and protect your bottom line?
Document accessibility is more than just providing the right format. Join us for a webinar on Usability vs. Accessibility. We’ll discuss the differences between them, how important it is to look at the bigger picture, and will review the formats that will allow you to offer accessible and usable documents.
How can you be sure that the accessible documents you provide to internal and external customers meet the required industry and legislative standards? ‘Testing Accessible Documents’ will cover the following key areas: How to ensure the optimal standard of quality control when producing and testing formats such as braille, large print, eText, Audio, Voiceye and Accessible PDF and how different QA procedures are required for different document formats.
Making the investment in inkjet equipment is compelling, but is just one piece of a bigger picture. Your production workflow needs to be inkjet-centric so that you can leverage the many capabilities inkjet presses offer. How can you? - Replace pre-printed shells with inline color, and add color to existing files – saving money and giving your customers more? - Combine small jobs into large runs to maximize the throughput of your press? - Segment large jobs to optimize post-processing? [...]
Now documents like brochures, reports, forms and letters can be made accessible. Taking this further, the barcode can be used on your printed documents, allowing a user to scan the barcode to enable accessible access via the smartphone’s Voiceover, large print, high contrast large display, and even in braille when connected to a refreshable braille display.