QA in the Cloud

Scalable Infrastructure for Automated Testing

With QA in the Cloud, you don’t need to rely on costly developer resources to ensure all of your customer communications are produced accurately. Instead, equip your quality assurance team with the tools to automate and manage regression testing of documents.  With options for scheduling test runs, you can ensure that document QA is happening on a regular basis, reducing or even eliminating the risks that come from inadequate or inconsistent testing.  An attractive and easy to use web-based dashboard allows you to view and monitor results anywhere and at any time.

QA in the Cloud can be licensed to be deployed on premises or can be hosted on our secure data center and accessed as a managed service.

QA in the Cloud Benefits

  • Improved quality control reduces errors and associated costs
  • Better utilization of quality assurance staff allows you to do more with less
  • Setting up test cases allows for QA to be a continuous cycle instead of a one-off step
  • Cost savings from using a cloud deployment will reduce infrastructure costs
  • Less time and money spent recovering from errors in customer communications
  • More reliable release cycles can be maintained
  • Market opportunities can be addressed quicker by achieving faster release schedules

Flexible Licensing Options

In addition to on-premises licensing, you can take advantage of a Cloud service, hosted in one of our secure data centers. Both our Canadian and U.S. data centers are SOC2 HITRUST CSF, HIPPA, and PCI-DSS certified, meeting industry specific regulations for protecting and securing private and confidential information. Which also means we can ensure that your customer’s data does not leave the U.S. or Canada when using our cloud hosting solutions.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Our experts help to implement your QA environment including helping to define test cases, identify priorities for testing your applications, and setting up your initial test cases. Once you’ve been trained, you’ll be able to load your own test scenarios, and will have complete control of your QA environment.


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