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The Problem with Bills in Our Email

How many of you have been asked to sign up for paperless delivery of your bills and statements? Maybe it is your credit card or your TV/cable bill. One thing is for sure, most of the people at Crawford Technologies, whether they are at Headquarters in Canada or our offices in the USA and Europe, have run into this situation in one way or another. 

As part of the print and mail industry and as experts in the digital document management and delivery field, our company has seen it all when it comes to the challenges of delivering printed or electronic transactional documents. However, most of the time we are dealing with the challenges as seen from the perspective of the provider and how to make sure the end-customer, who receives documents in various print and electronic forms, is satisfied. As you look at the landscape of how bills and statements are delivered, email is a popular notification tool. The problem is that it is quickly becoming unmanageable.