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Enterprise Output Management (EOM) – What Does It All Mean?

Enterprise Output Management, or EOM, is one of those ‘work phrases’ we tend to use on a daily basis.Do you use a lot of jargon in your line of work? Does this situation sound familiar:

“The other day I was trying to explain to someone what I do, but I had to keep stopping to explain the terms and acronyms. By the time I explained what I did, it was about as clear as mud.”

Yes, we have all been there, especially in an industry that is high-tech or has a lot of complex moving parts. The industry-speak or jargon that we use is a double-edged sword, especially in today’s connected and collaborative working environments. The result is that there are people tasked with figuring out challenges in business environments such as workflow management, operations management, customer satisfaction and cost reduction that may not have the background or expertise in the solutions they are looking for. What do you do? Google it perhaps? Maybe… but you really need a better explanation than those that are available on Wikipedia.